The blog is going to be a little Hallie heavy for a minute because she’s hitting some big milestones all at once. She just turned 16 today and this weekend she goes to her first dance: Homecoming.

I don’t totally understand the production that takes places to ask someone to a dance. I didn’t grow up with that being a big deal and if someone asked you then you told them yes or no…without a poster.

But our local culture is different and people ask early. We are now at the end of October and she was asked in the middle of August. Her friend from tennis surprised her after practice one evening with this poster. They have spent a lot of time on the court together – but not much time off the court. This is the first dance for both of them (and me as a parent) so we’re all learning together! 🙂

Hallie immediately let him know she was excited to go with him, but her actual answer took some time. We finally came up with a fun idea as an answer and we chose quite possibly the worst day to execute. We made buckets and buckets of cotton candy, but it was so humid outside and slightly rainy that by the time we dropped it off, it was crystallizing and shrinking down to nothing. But she was still “on cloud 9” to go with him. 🙂

So homecoming game Friday. Homecoming date Friday night after the football game. Homecoming dance Saturday. And word on the street is right after this dance you ask someone to the next dance. This is going to be hard to keep up with.