We have another birthday in the family.

Here’s a snapshot of Cannon:

His hair is still unmanageable. We cut it short and it sticks up. We keep it long and it sticks up. There is no amount of gel that can keep it under control and its been like this since he was a baby.

I just had parent/teacher conferences and his teachers were in agreement that he’s a leader in the class and is always willing to help other kids.

He’s slightly mischievous – not like Hunter – but in his own right. Sometimes when I ask him a question, (such as, are those clean socks?) he tilts his head and gives me a slight grin and I can see the wheels in his head turning as he gives his answer and then I’m questioning whether the answer he gave me was true! 

We just had a boy move in next door and this is the first time Cannon has ever had a friend within walking distance. He suddenly has a new found freedom not having to arrange a playdate and he is in heaven.

He still comes home with a shoe full of sand from the school playground and despite my best efforts to have kids empty shoes when they get home, somehow his room looks like a sandbox.

He just started some tennis lessons as his first introduction into the world of sports and he loves it. Not sure if it’s tennis he loves, or the idea of participating in a sport. Either way, he’s always excited when it’s tennis day.

He loved games when he was little and he still loves games today.

He is a talker. When he tells you a story, you better sit down. When you ask about his day – he will tell you. Every detail. Sometimes I’m convinced the event he’s telling me about isn’t nearly as long as the version he tells me. I love it. 

He’s requested Taco Bell for lunch and a Dutch Brothers smoothie for a treat – I think I can deliver on both accounts!