We’ve just returned from an action packed fall break vacation to San Francisco with some family friends. And before I get into all the details of just how amazing our time there was, I wanted to share a simple tender moment.

We spent one our days on a big red, hop-on, hop-off bus. These three amigos sat in the back of the bus having the best time together. At some point the wind was strong enough to whip Briggs’ mask right off his face and Cannon made sure to come let me know that it had flown off the bus. It was a simple moment where I let Cannon know that we’d get him another mask and it would be okay. End of story.

After our bus tour, we found ourselves walking around the wharf and admiring the seals. As evening started to set in, we found our way to the Boudin Bakery to watch the bread being made. After spending almost 45 minutes watching the process, we packed up and started to leave. As we walked out the door, we ran into an older couple that recognized our large group from the tour bus earlier that day. The woman then scanned the group and pointed Cannon out. She shared with us that she had been watching him on the bus and he was so kind and helpful to the little one (Briggs). She continued, “When his mask flew off while we were on the bus, he was in such a panic and started to cry. Your older boy immediately went to him, put his arm around him and consoled him. He was so tender and good to him. It was sweet to watch.”

Anyone with young children knows that story could’ve gone a completely different way on any given day. They love each other, and at the same time they love to push each other’s buttons. But on this particular day, they were tender and helpful with each other.

And what I love most is that someone went out of their way to share that with a stranger – I loved hearing it and Cannon was beaming as she complimented him.