Some years we know well in advance what we want to dress up as for Halloween – most of that time is getting everyone to buy into an idea that we all somewhat agree upon. This year was an off year and we just didn’t get it planned. Halloween was on a Sunday so we weren’t sure what we would be participating in. Saturday night was our neighborhood party but our older kids were running in different directions. So the thought of dressing up as a family were somewhat dashed.

And then Steve and I were out and about and found these lucha libre masks and suddenly we knew our costumes were coming together. We came home and pitched the idea to the kids – some were more on board than others. The thought of underwear on the outside of your pants isn’t as appealing as you get older! But our plans started to materialize and we realized there was an opportunity where we would all be dressed up at the same time.

Have I mentioned what good sports they are?! Even at 16 years old, Hallie humors me and dresses up and Steve still puts on stretchy pants when asked. We have some good family memories dressing up over the years!

These costumes were extra fun because everyone was willing to strike a pose.

Until next year…

What are the odds we can keep this tradition alive until at least Hallie leaves the home?!