Our little girl isn’t so little anymore and she just went on her first date and dance.

These two have been playing tennis on the same team for the last two years. And although their time outside of tennis together has been limited, they ended up in the same class this semester which made for a fun dance date.

And yes, we bought dress shoes! Everyone told her that no one wears heels to the dance, they all change into tennis shoes. So after trying everything on she decided to go with comfort shoes that she would wear again – and he was matching. Which is fitting for both of them considering they met on a tennis court. No doubt, I would have made the same decision. 🙂

They had a great time as they danced the night away.

We asked a neighbor if we could use their yard to take some pictures and just after arriving we found Hallie’s cousin right next door taking pictures with her group. Fun little coincidence.

Hallie said she ran into her briefly at the dance along with three other cousins, and although they attempted a photo during the dance, somehow not everyone’s head made it in the picture and it was awful lighting – but they documented the brief moment.

I know I am great at so many things. And one of the things I’m so great at is understanding what I’m not good at. 🙂 Getting fancy is not my strong point – not even a little bit. Luckily, my niece came to my rescue and stepped in to help Hallie with her hair and makeup. She did such a beautiful job and Hallie felt so special which is what you hope for as a parent. She suddenly looked much older than just the day before.

She danced long and hard enough that her hair wasn’t nearly that pretty when she finished – but at least it started out this way.

Our homecoming was so late this year that winter formal is just around the corner and Hallie asked a boy last night to join her. I forgot how exhausting high school can be.