Hallie just had her friend party for her birthday this weekend (even though her birthday was two weeks ago) so I suppose we can finally close the Hallie 16th birthday celebration chapter. She has enjoyed every minute of it though!

We had a local sign company (spellitoutco) come leave her a little message in our front yard. That way everyone in the neighborhood would know we have a new driver on the roads.

We took her lunch at school with treats for her friends and surprised her with some flowers – and to add to her embarrassment, her friends made sure to sing happy birthday over and over again throughout the day. In class. Lunch. Anywhere they possible could!

We talked about having friends over that day for a little party, but her highest priority was to get her driver’s license which involved a road test – anyone that’s done that before knows that it’s an all day ordeal. She didn’t care – it’s the only thing she wanted for her birthday. So we delivered. Actually she delivered because she passed and got her official driver’s license on her birthday.

After she officially passed her driver’s test we came home to open presents with family before everyone scattered to their activities for the night.

Being an official driver she went and picked up a friend and they made the rounds to grab birthday treats and drinks – by themselves!! This is some serious freedom and they could not contain their excitement. Our lives have just drastically changed – and her friends are excited that one of them is finally a licensed driver. I have a feeling I’m going to see a lot more of these kind of pictures on Hallie’s phone.

She is good to the core and so much fun, but all the birthday fun must come to an end. You only turn 16 once and she nailed it!