Once a year we pretend like we’re outdoorsman and we make our way to the Bass Pro Shop for the Winter Wonderland and Santa Vista – he’s by far the best santa in our area.

We were talking as we walked into the store today that COVID has changed a lot for Santa visits – and probably in a good way. Last year, Bass Pro had plexi glass in front of Santa – this year they removed the plexi glass and had the kids sit on a bench in front of him. After the picture, they could turn around on the bench and talk with Santa. You may not get the classic crying on Santa lap photo with this set up, but you also won’t have Santa needing a knee replacement at the end of the season!

Another major change with COVID is the reservation system. There is no waiting in line – we signed up for a time online and walked right in. The drawback is people have to plan in advance to see him – they can’t just stop by and wait. It was a quick process this year – rather enjoyable!

And who can walk in Bass Pro shop without taking a tour of the store?! Not us! We had to see the fish, ride the elevator, see the animals, pretend to ride the ATVs…the usual in our annual visit. For an hour in December, we are outdoorsman. At least we imagine what life might be life if we were… my dad and brothers would be proud!