I love to see my kids succeed in things they enjoy.

Bennett has been talking about Battle of the Books for years: An event at school where they form teams of three students and they are assigned four books to read throughout the first quarter and they answer questions as a team in multiple round segments. Then they read another round of books and have another battle date. They do this three times during the school year and then they go on to compete at the district level.

Last year, the first year Bennett was eligible to participate, they had to cancel due to COVID. So he was more than excited at the beginning of the school year when they announced they were moving forward with Battle of the Books. He was quick to form a team and he started reading. He had already read two of the required readings, but he went ahead and re-read them to refresh his memory.

I was able to go and watch the battle and Bennett was beaming. He was so excited every time he knew the answer – this kid would be awful at poker! After multiple rounds, of multiple questions, Bennett’s team walked away with a perfect score – they answered every question correctly. Only 3 teams out of the 20 ended with a perfect score. (Those scores will roll over with them to the next round.)

He’s now reading the next round of books – prepping for another battle.