With the older three kids, before their baptism we took them to the temple for a little photoshoot. I thought I had Cannon’s shoot perfectly planned – until I didn’t. The Mesa temple was having their open house so thousands of people dotted the grounds – not ideal for pictures. I figured the Gilbert temple would work great (Bennett’s were taken there since the Mesa temple was closed at the time). As lucky would have it, the Gilbert temple shut down somewhat unexpectedly for 7 weeks, at just the wrong time! So we had to wait.

The day the temple opened – we were ready to go. I got Cannon all spiffy and just as we were walking out the door, it started to rain. It rarely rains in Arizona, so it doesn’t even cross my mind anymore to look at the forecast for picture day. We had already delayed his shoot for so many weeks, we were running out of time to get his invitations made. I told Cannon we would try the next day, be he wanted to go – he was already dressed.

So we hopped in the car and started driving.

Its about a 30 minute drive and half way in, the rain is coming down hard. The skies looked threatening with no end in sight. I was ready to turn around and head home, but Cannon asked if we could just go and wait at the temple until it stopped. His request was so gentle and kind, I couldn’t help but abide. By the time we got to the temple, it had nearly stopped raining – a small miracle. We quickly started shooting photos and within 15 minutes it started raining, so we booked it back to the car. We waited for another 15 minutes until there was another break from the storm. We mad dashed it back to the grounds and had the most efficient shoot I’ve ever accomplished. It was fast and furious!

Cannon’s baptism fell on Saturday afternoon, after two soccer games, but before the temple dedication youth devotional. Saturdays are hard to gather friends and family – a Saturday in December makes that infinitely harder. We were lucky to have my parents in town for the weekend, a few of Steve’s siblings and a few of our dearest friends – it was just what Cannon had hoped for on his special day.

Hunter gave a beautiful testimony and the younger boys sang a special song, “My Own Sacred Grove” with a few friends. His special day, was special indeed. And made even more special by going to the temple dedication the next morning. It’s hard to top weekend like this one!