Every year I don’t think Christmas can top the year before – and every year I’m shocked it does! It just keeps getting better as our family has grown. I watched in awe Christmas morning at just how content and happy I was in that moment, knowing very well these moments don’t last. Hands down, my favorite day of the year.

Cannon received his 8-year-old baptism journal that I’ve made for each kid. He was so surprised because when he asked about it the week prior I said I would try and get it made for him after Christmas.

A packers shirt for our packers fan…

And Suns shirts all around!

Every Christmas there seems to be an unforgettable moment – this year was no exception.

Side note: When opening presents, the kids choose gifts from under the tree, and we don’t dictate what order they open them.

Bennett watched his sister open a gift that he wanted so badly – concert tickets. And yet he held it together pretty well and seemed genuinely happy for her. A while later he watched Hunter open the same gift. In an effort to not spoil Bennett’s surprise, we said it was just the two of them going. He was visibly devastated. Part of me wanted to tell him immediately that he was going too – but part of me wanted him to sit with that emotion. I pulled him over to me and reminded him that I work so hard to make sure everyone is happy on Christmas and I have a pretty good track record – he just needed to trust that I would find the gifts just right for him, although that may be different from his siblings. We had a little moment and it was a beautiful. Meanwhile, Hunter went searching under the tree feeling all the presents and realized there was another gift under the tree with what felt like a paper taped to the package under the wrapping. And as everyone grabbed their next round present, Hunter nonchalantly handed him the package. (I love that Hunter was so concerned for him that he wanted him to be happy too.)

This was his face when he opened it.

He was more than a little surprised and then quite emotional about it.

He immediately came over to me and gave me a hug and we had another tender moment. I underestimated just how excited he would be for that gift – but given he knows the album better than his siblings, I should have known. He had a 1 in 3 chance of opening that gift first and it didn’t work out that way – and I think it worked out just right.

It was such a good reminder that it is sometimes so hard to be happy for people, even when you know you should be. It’s something we all have to be aware of and work at in one form or another. That idea was something I couldn’t shake the rest of the day – that moment replayed in my head.

I couldn’t help but put myself in Bennett’s shoes and remember times where I’ve been seriously disappointed with something in my life. Sure, I should have been happy for people when I could see it was working out for them. But instead I sat in my frustration and/or pity. It’s not a fun place to be.

I can’t help but think of the parallel to our Father in Heaven in this situation. I know he reassures us the same way I was trying to reassure Bennett in his despair. “Can’t you see that I know you so well – but you’re going to have to trust that I know what’s best for you and I’m looking out for your best interest, regardless of the outcome.”

I think Bennett learned a lot of in this moment and I think I learned even more. Not to mention all the kids that witnessed it and the pain they felt for Bennett when he was so disappointed. And I love that Hunter sprung to action so quickly trying to solve the problem and make him feel better. It was my Christmas moment of the day for sure.

We had a beautiful, lazy, family-focused day – smiles all around!