Is there anything better than Christmas eve dinner in your Christmas jammies?!

We spent the evening with our good friends and I love the text I got just an hour before we were to meet up. “Are your kids planning on wearing pajamas?” I did a quick survey and it was a resounding yes, and our friends were on board.

We have been sharing Christmas eve together for many years and each year it gets better. We have 11 kids between the two families and as you can imagine, it can be more than a little chaotic. But the older they get, the more enjoyable this night is together. We’ve found our groove and blended traditions and it is a highlight of our season.

There was a moment where we weren’t sure they would be able to find the chimes as their home is under a serious remodel. And when I told the kids we may not have them they were more than a little disappointed. And the good news is after some years of practice and aging kids – we don’t sound too bad!

The kids opted to exchange their sibling gifts on Christmas eve as opposed to Christmas morning which I love because they weren’t distracted by any other gifts – they were focused on each other and so excited to share with one another. They were all so tender and cute as they gave and accepted gifts – they were all very thoughtful with what they gave. I give Hallie props because she orchestrated most of it, taking kids to the store to shop and helping them out – this required no parent involvement. Out of all the gifts from Christmas – these may be my favorite reactions.

I don’t think they know it yet, but they are forging some of their greatest friendships right now. Right now they view each other as siblings but the older they get, the more that will shift to friends.

It was a beautiful and peaceful evening – made even more peaceful since we didn’t have to put anything together for Christmas morning! Steve and I got everything ready and then had a quiet moment by the tree before calling it a night. I loved Christmas eve as a kid and I love it even more as an adult. And those brief moments where we sat on the couch anticipating the next morning was the perfect way to button up the evening.