We’re making our way through the obligatory Christmas traditions – the ones that will surely fall by the wayside as soon as these kids get a little older – but right now, they’re at the very top of these kids’ lists!

Gingerbread houses have never been something that we’ve done in our home, but each and every year we find ourselves making them.

We have a friend and neighbor who is most definitely the “fun mom” because she’s hosted this event the last couple years and I’m grateful she’s been so willing because my kids have loved it. (They used to make gingerbread houses in school and haven’t done that in a couple years) She invites everyone in the neighborhood, we all bring candy to share and she has the graham crackers hot glued, with bags of frosting ready to go. It’s a little crazy – and even more messy, but it’s always a good time.

Briggs is shockingly patient in his traditional building style. He may or may not have eaten more frosting than he put on his house.

Bennett was one of the first people finished – which is par for the course. And yet, in his quick execution, he was very precise and somewhat minimalistic in his candy choice compared to his friends.

Cannon surprised me because he spent all his time on the landscaping and very little time on his house – but he did manage to fill his house with marshmallows which was a very strategic move.

The kids are out of school now for the whole week leading up to Christmas so I’m sure we’ll cross a couple more things off the Christmas bucket list!