If you happen to live in one of the ten areas that currently has a Giving Machine, you need to go – they are open for another week!

This year, they are stationed in the following areas:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada — the Downtown Summerlin Mall
  • Nashville, Tennessee — Bridgestone Arena
  • Honolulu, Hawaii — Pearlridge Center
  • Orem, Utah — University Place
  • Salt Lake City, Utah — City Creek Center
  • Oakland, California — Temple Hill
  • Gilbert, Arizona — Water Tower Plaza
  • Denver, Colorado — Writer Square
  • Kansas City, Missouri — Crown Center
  • New York City, New York — Rockerfeller Plaza

If you’re not familiar with the Giving Machines – it’s basically a vending machine for donating to service organizations. Every location may have slightly different options to donate, featuring different service organizations. People can choose whether they want to buy polio vaccines, cases of peanut butter, bicycles for refugees – or many other options. Steve’s parents took the kids last week and they were excited to come home and announce what they had chosen to donate to.

Today we went back to the Giving Machines in Gilbert to volunteer for AZ Brainfood. (They are a local organization that happen to be in the Gilbert Giving Machine so they have volunteers on site helping out.) The kids were excited to stock the machines when they saw an item running low. One of the more popular items was 3 chickens for a family in a developing country – they were a big hit with kids choosing items. In the past they’ve also had goats and I had several people asking me today why goats weren’t an option. Perhaps they were an option in other areas, but sadly, we were goat-less.

I’m not sure who came up with this vending machine idea, but it really is genius. 100% proceeds go to the organizations and what better time of year to focus on giving. I’m hoping in years to come these dot every major city during the month of December. #LightTheWorld