Kids are fun on Christmas morning because they are genuinely excited and they are not afraid to show it! As I scrolled through the pictures I took, I saw a common theme – the open mouth look of surprise. Each of the kids had their moment of surprise for their own gifts – and then equally surprised for their siblings’ gifts. (They don’t know any of their siblings’ gifts prior to watching them open, so it’s a surprise for every one.)

Even on the most basic of gifts – when Briggs opened a Pop-it – you would have thought by Cannon’s face that he got a TV for his room! It’s really one of my favorite things about Christmas morning, there is so much genuine happiness and excitement and on top of it all – gratitude. Cannon is our hugger and after each gift, he was coming over to give us bear hugs telling us thank you. (He’s also one of the most animated as everyone else is opening gifts.) Bennett is animated as well, but is also very vocal – loudly proclaiming that something is awesome!!

I’m fully aware that this excitement will probably fade. They won’t always give the open mouth surprised face – or perhaps even care what their siblings received. But they did this year and I wanted to capture it!