We are in the thick of my favorite time of year and I want to bottle it all up.

I love the excitement of going to the mailbox and finding Christmas cards from dear friends and family.

I love burning my Mahogany Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works.

I love walking by the Christmas tree at night when it’s illuminating the room.

I love having a Christmas puzzle on the table that I can walk by at leisure and put a couple pieces on, or the kids can sit at for a minute while they wait for the bus in the morning.

I love blasting my favorite Christmas songs and even more than that I love hearing Bennett belt out God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen with Pentatonix.

I love pulling up to our house when the Christmas lights are on.

I love all the nativities that adorn our bookshelves.

I love that every kid is anxious for their turn with the chocolate advent calendar and also taking turns changing our countdown calendar.

I love that our neighborhood freely gives gifts to one another and every time the doorbell rings at night, my kids go running to see who it is.

And just when I think the whole season is magical, I remember that I have a bedroom that looks like a bomb went off with every size of amazon box imaginable – I’ll be lucky if I can find all the gifts I’ve purchased and hid places.

I also remember that there is a trail of dried frosting on my kitchen floor leading to the gingerbread houses that my kids love to pull candy off of.

There is also a layer of dust on my bookshelves because the thought of moving all the nativities is too much.

And heaven knows we’ll be lucky if we’re not missing more than three puzzle pieces after its been sitting out on a table for a week and a half!