Another dance has come and gone – her first Winter formal is in the books!

Hallie gathered some friends to help her ask her date. I think my favorite part is the Ring doorbell cam video that captured the funny exchange as the girls set all the cups up – her date kindly shared the video so we could all get a good laugh!

When he answered – he was smart enough to cover the camera! He left a yard of twix bars that Hallie’s brothers were all coveting!

Because this was a girl ask guy dance – Hallie got to choose her group which meant she was surrounded by some girlfriends. Oddly enough, they all asked guys that they are good friends with so it was a really fun/relaxed dance.

Hallie’s cousin, Brimley, came over to help her with her hair and makeup. I’m grateful for her willingness to help because I can shoot photos all day long, but don’t make me do hair!

One of the girls hosted the dinner at her house and we all supplied some food. After the dance all the kids came over to make gingerbread houses (rather mansions) from prebuilt kits courtesy of Costco. They were the perfect kits and kept everyone entertained until they could hardly keep their eyes open.

And somehow, the minute this dance was done – everyone was asking for the next dance: Sadies. It’s hard to keep up with a high schooler! 🙂