We have carried ASU season Football tickets for years. And every year when it’s time to renew, we do this little song and dance.

Do we still want them? How many do we want – will the whole family use them? We know we’re going to miss this game and possibly that game…etc. And every year, we have decided we want them. Our family enjoys this activity together and they all vote that this is an activity where they want to spend their weekends. Luckily we’ve got family and friends who have also decided this is where they want to spend their weekends so we’ve got some great company.

We sweated through the majority of the games and by the end of November, the weather was tolerable! 🙂 Somehow in all the games we attended – this was the only family photo we got and it was the very last game.

Hunter’s favorite thing to do was take friends and meet up with friends that have tickets as well.

Bennett had friends at most of the games as well because his friends have tickets with us.

Hallie loved when she was surrounded by cousins – those were the best games for her.

I liked the games most when I had a cotton candy sucker!

Steve’s brother has tickets with us so we sit with him all season long. But when family comes to town, we try and make it a family affair. Father, Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews – they’re all fans of football.

We’re always so hopeful that the season is going to be successful – and by the end of the season we’re just hoping for a win. This year was no different. We had some great wins and some disappointing losses and an even more disappointing bowl game. But in the end – we had fun as a family. And when we’re not watching the games at the stadium, we’re watching them at home – and all the other teams we follow. It makes for an eventful fall.