On our way to California over Christmas break, we made a pitstop at the Nike outlet. While we waited for friends to checkout, Bennett’s head made an unfortunate connection with the sharp corner of a display stand. He just happened to be the perfect height for a clean cut. He immediately pulled his hands to his eye wincing in pain. My friend just kept repeating, “please no blood, please no blood!”

I pulled Bennett’s hand down to survey the damage and there wasn’t blood. I thought we had dodged a bullet! And then I saw the deep, clean cut. And although blood wasn’t present at first, once it started bleeding, it didn’t want to stop. We scrambled to the checkout counter to grab some paper towels to stop the bleeding – and the cashier was not even the least bit concerned.

Luckily, we were vacationing with someone trained in accidents such as this and he got Bennett all cleaned up and got his eyelid glued back together.

It wasn’t too long ago that I got a phone call (while out of town) that Bennett was getting glued up after an incident with a pole. He now has upper and lower scars on the same eye – looks like he got a bite of some sort.

Not surprising, Hunter has a matching scar on the very same eye.