Hunter’s love and devotion to the Green Bay Packers runs deep. He is often ridiculed at school for wearing Packer gear – when everyone around him is a Cardinals fan. And Hunter is a Cardinals fan too – he’s just a bigger Packer fan.

This weekend he was looking forward to the Packers playoff game. He decided to invite a group of boys over to watch the game. Pizza, wings, packers…basically his best day ever. But even before his buddies showed up they were razzing him for being a packers fan.

By the time everyone showed up, there was a pretty clear division as to who was cheering for who. Over half the boys were in the back room cheering on the 49ers (including two of Steve Young’s nephews) and a much smaller group watching in our living room cheering for the Packers.

In the last few minutes of the game, it started to take a turn for the worse as far as we were concerned. And in no time, all the boys were in one room watching in anticipation. The details aren’t important but suffice it to say, we were discouraged packers fans at the end of the game. Hunter held it together the best he could but he found himself in a puddle of disappointment. It was a tough loss – and he had such high hopes for their post-season. No one has ever accused him of not being passionate!

And even though the packers are out of the playoffs – he’ll still show up next week with packers gear to school – because that’s the type of kid he is. He bleeds green and gold. It’s unfortunate he was just too young to remember the last time they won they super bowl.

But he is sporting the shirt I wore the day the Packers won that super bowl. I had flown back to Wisconsin (from Arizona, 8 months pregnant) to meet the movers who were packing up our home. I knew I’d be watching the game with friends that weekend so I picked up a shirt in the airport. Hunter now wears it with pride (and a little luck!)