Hunter was at tennis practice when his coached asked when his soccer season was going to end, so he could start participating in tennis tournaments on Saturday mornings. I informed the coach that soccer was a year round sport and we would just need to fit the tournaments in when we could.

He replied that he’s familiar with year-round sports because tennis is the same way, there’s never an off-season. I reminded him we’re very familiar with year-round tennis because Hallie never has an off-season. She moves from school tennis. To sweat-it-out-in-the-heat-of-summer tennis. To take-a-vacation-in-Idaho-and-enjoy-the weather-there tennis. To beautiful-Utah-summer tennis camp. To fall-clinic-and-prep-for-the-school-season tennis. She just cycles through all the seasons.

She’s had a couple tournaments recently in preparation for school try-outs and I love to watch her play. It’s equally fun to watch her dad cheer her on and support her. Its going to be a fun season, I can feel it!