People often question our decision to not allow our kids to participate in organized sports until they’re 8. It’s not a magical age – it’s just the age we found to be manageable for our family and the kids are far more teachable. The reality is, a family our size, even waiting to start sports until 8, it’s still a little busy when we have several kids participating in sports.

This weekend is a doozy. We have 4 kids playing in sports this weekend. Two tournaments. (tennis and soccer). 6 soccer games (3 for Hunter, 2 for Bennett, 1 for Cannon). Luckily, Hallie can drive herself to her tournament and she was the last one added to the schedule so we signed her up, knowing we wouldn’t get to see her play.

I have to believe this is the peak of our busyness with kids’ sports – but chances are it will be a 5 year peak! By the time Briggs is playing sports, Hallie will be out of the home and we’ll still be left with 4 kids playing. And we’ll continue that pace until Hunter graduates in 5 years. Which means we have 5 more years of juggling multiple games on any given weekend. 🙂

I’m not complaining. I look forward every weekend to watching my kids in their activities – I just hate when they overlap and we’re having to divide and conquer.

This weekend just happens to be a little excessive. 🙂