We visited the ocean over Christmas break and it was shockingly cold and windy and rained on and off the whole time we were there. But that didn’t stop us from making a visit to the beach. I watched as Briggs tried escaping the waves, over and over again. The bottom of his pants started to get wet so I helped him roll them up in an effort to keep him as dry as possible. I was bundled in my warmest winter jacket and he was trying to escape waves. 🙂

It wasn’t too long after this picture that he started getting fancy and tried beating the wave by running backwards. I’ll give you one guess as to how that ended up. Its as if it happened in slow motion – I watched him tumble to the ground and the wave slowly rolled over him. He looked at me in complete shock but he never wiped the smile off his face. We trudged back to the top of the sandy hill where we attempted to remove all his wet clothes and bundled him in his dry jacket and the extra pants that Bennett brought and then sat him next to the fire where we were cooking lunch.

He’s a tough cookie. He was cold, but he didn’t whine, or shed a tear. He was just wishing that he was warm enough to go back down to waves and try another round of chicken!