Hunter had to choose a book to read for his english class. This would have been a great opportunity to take some time and find something he was really interested in. But instead, on a Sunday night, he remembered he needed a book in class the next day. He’s not a huge fan of reading so he was looking for 200 page book because that was the requirement, and he couldn’t have read it before. I pulled out all sorts of great options from the book shelf and he turned his nose up at all of them.

I went to another area of the home and pulled some books. Once again – not interested. In all reality, I wasn’t overly concerned about his plight because he was going to have to pick one of them. He didn’t have the option to not choose one of them.

I then remembered one more cupboard that housed some books and I found Capital Gaines (ad) by Chip Gaines. Hunter had no idea who he was, or who he was married to, or the empire he helped create. Which meant it was low on his list. But once again, it wasn’t my problem and I left his options on the counter for him to choose from.

Shortly before bed, I found him on thumbing through the pages of a couple books before landing on Capital Gaines. I actually thought it would be the most interesting book for him to choose, but I couldn’t tell him that because naturally that would have turned him off.

Hunter is entrepreneurial in nature and I figured it would be interesting for him to read about where Chip Gaines started. Chip’s early career life wasn’t pretty or glamorous. In fact, most of his career was in manual labor and he just kept at it – working hard, looking for his next opportunity – and never afraid to fail. I think the book started a little slow, but then gained his attention.

I found him asking questions about Magnolia and the Silos – we talked about Waco and how they transformed the town. I showed him an episode of Fixer upper so he could really appreciate Chip’s personality (which is hard to capture in the book). The guy is interesting to say the least and he kind of reminds of me of my brother which makes me enjoy him even more.

Hunter’s almost finished reading and I’m curious to get his book review – I’m trying to think of any other biographies he’s read, and I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I tried convincing him of the Steve Jobs biography but the page count turned him away!