Sometimes I catch myself laughing out loud and my kids always ask what’s so funny. And then when I show them or tell them – they don’t think it’s nearly as funny as I did. And that’s because we don’t share the same childhood experiences!

They wouldn’t know a “Tupperware” bowl if it hit them in the face. I had to explain the whole concept of Tupperware which is weird for kids who have grown up with Amazon. “Why would you go to party to buy that?”

Not only that – how do you explain the swiss army knife of the kitchen – the Tupperware bowl?! Who would’ve thought one bowl could do so much?

And while we’re on the topic – growing up in my family, the Tupperware bowl was actually not our puke bowl. I’m sure my mom felt the sides were two wide and might allow splashing. Instead, it was a different yellow bowl (why are they always yellow?!) with a nice side handle which was convenient for emptying! And still to this day they have it on the dryer collecting dirty rags…and still to this day it’s referred to as the throw-up bowl by everyone in the family.

Always has been, always will.

It appears my parents have no plan of getting rid of it anytime soon. I better see that thing in their will as the “Throw-up bowl”. I want them to surprise us with who gets the honor of re-homing it so the legend can live on.

It makes me laugh just thinking about it. It’s funny that something as simple as a bowl can resonate so many shared feelings within a family and yet my kids can’t comprehend the significance.