Last fall, we were at our nephew’s wedding up in Utah. As we finished up at the ceremony, we drove with Steve’s brother to the reception. While en route, the question was posed – what is a song that deeply moves you?

There were no rules to the prompt – just a song that touches you in a way not many do. Takes you to place emotionally, whether good or bad.

I love music. I love to turn it up loud in my car. I like it blasting in the kitchen while we clean. I like it in the background when I’m showering. I listen to a lot of music. Steve, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. In fact, when we first met, he had these massive speakers/subwoofer in his car (which he purchased used from someone) and he listened to talk radio! It seemed like such a waste.

So when the question was asked in the car, I wondered what Steve might say. And then I remembered an experience just a week prior. I was cleaning the house with music playing and he walked through the kitchen. He doesn’t typically hear the words of songs, but for some reason as he casually walked through that afternoon, he caught the end of a song. He was intrigued and asked if I would play it again.

He sat at the counter as it played one more time and within seconds, he had tears rolling down his cheeks. In all my years of knowing him, I have never seen him moved by music – until this moment.

So as we pulled out of the City Center Temple parking lot in Provo, Utah, Steve shared quite possibly the only song he could recall having moved him deeply, and oddly enough, he had just come across the song the week prior.

As we played it for his brother and sister-in-law, Steve once again had tears rolling down his cheeks as he drove downtown.

It’s a beautiful song written from a daughter’s point of view – who is looking for a man who will treat her like her father treated her mother. I’m sure years from now, once Hallie has moved out of our home and started a family of her own, this song will not be nearly as tender for him. But right now – it hits real deep.

One of the most beautiful things about music, is it touches everyone so differently. I can share a song that moves me to tears, and perhaps no one else would have that reaction. But our experiences and emotions can connect us to songs in unbelievable ways. I have songs that take me back to very distinct moments in my life and I treasure those memories triggered by music.

I won’t be surprised if this song makes an appearance at a reception while Steve and Hallie take the dance floor and you can guarantee there will be tears.

I need a man who loves me like
My father loves my mom

And if he lives up to my father
Maybe he could teach our daughter
What it takes to love a queen
She should know she’s royalty