Hallie’s last dance of the year – Sadies! At her high school, Sadies is more of a costume dance than anything else. The theme this year was Disney duos (really anything from Disney+). Of course girls always want to be more cute than costume-y, which means you may or may not be able to tell what they’re dressed up as. But there was no denying Hallie and her date were from the movie Mary Poppins. (Of course by the time the kids get to the dance and people remove half their costume such as hats, props, etc…it’s really hard to tell what people are.)

Hallie’s group had the Princess Bride, Ariel & Eric, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, Mary Poppins & Bert and Hercules & Meg. We saw some other groups taking photos, and there were some great costumes – the most popular being Rapunzel and Flynn and of course Star Wars Characters.

She had the best time. All these kids are friends which makes for a fun evening of dancing.

And for one night – the stars aligned for the first time and all the high school aged cousins ended up at the same dance, even though they don’t go to the same high school. And seeing as though three of these cousins are graduating they won’t have this chance again. They sure do love each other and they’re lucky to cross paths like this.