In high school, the fun just doesn’t stop. You go from football games, to homecoming dance, to basketball games, to sadies, and everything in between! Hallie is having the time of her life and has fully embraced being involved at the high school.

Sadies is around the corner and Hallie asked a friend from the basketball team to be her date.

He answered with a fun pair of Stance socks while she was away. His mom asked if he could drop something by her room a few days prior, so Hallie kept her room spotless for several days – I ‘m still trying to figure out how to capitalize on that long term!

They had their day-date this weekend (something we did not do for dances growing up) and they had fun painting pottery at As You Wish.

Sadies is a costume/themed dance so they’re now working on their “Disney Duo” outfits for the big day. Pictures to come!