I have an area in my home that has been driving me crazy – the large/deep cabinet in the guest bathroom. But because no one ever looks in that cabinet (besides my parents when they visit) I have had very little motivation to address it.

But Wednesdays my kids get out of school early so I’ve deemed it my home management day – I don’t run any errands, I just tackle the home. And although the cabinet still wasn’t a major priority – I took care of it today – at least two of the large shelves (I didn’t want to dedicate too much time in there today!)

I pulled everything out, wiped down the cabinet and then put back what I wanted to keep. This left me with an unusually large pile of kids products that we haven’t used in forever. I don’t even want to know how long some of this stuff has been shoved deep into the abyss. But there is some princess bubble bath which would have been Hallie’s and she’s 16. So there’s that!

And as much fun as a large bubble bath party would have been, all my kids shower nowadays. Do you know how much space all this was taking up in the cupboard? A quick purge always gets me excited – I feel 20 lbs lighter getting rid of all of it! Maybe next week, I’ll finish the rest of the shelves.