I only had one elementary school child that needed a valentine box this year, the other two decorated paper bags with their class. I think the oatmeal container is my favorite base for a valentine’s box because it’s so versatile. We used the oatmeal container for a bumble bee, a shark, a gumball machine and now an owl.

Hunter gets the award because he helped Briggs cut out all these hearts – and he couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. And I couldn’t be more pleased to see my kids helping each other on a project like this.

Bennett was funny about Valentine’s this year because he was on the fence as to whether he wanted to do them at all – after all they are optional. I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of him showing up without a bag of Valentine’s when the majority of the class would be handing them out. I had already bought the candy for his cards and wasn’t going to put the effort in if he really didn’t want them. When he realized, he too would be getting a ring pop, he was just find handing them out to the class. (And I had to go buy another bag of Ring Pops because I found out last minute they were combining two classes for Valentines, I was lucky to find just two bags left on the shelves.)

Although he didn’t love my original idea of “Let me “Pop” a question, Will you be mine?” We settled on “You are a real gem”. Far less embarrassing for a 5th grader.

Cannon went with an oldie but a goodie – the original Charms blow up sucker, “Blowing kisses your way”. I can’t remember who used this printable previously, but I was just happy to not have to design another card – when I already have an extensive library!

Briggs handed out little bags of chips with – I ‘heart’ our friend “Chip” – stapled to the top. He was concerned not all of the Valentine’s he would be handing out would fit in his little owl container – luckily it was nothing a Wal-mart bag couldn’t fix.

Everyone came home pleased with their bags/boxes of valentines and quickly devoured their favorite candies. I think our monthly sugar consumption was reached in one day!