We celebrated Steve’s dad’s 80 birthday last weekend up in Park City. He has a serious love for the ski slopes and he has instilled that in all his children. The hope was that he would spend his 80th birthday on the slopes with his kids – sadly he had a surgery a short while ago that he’s still recovering from which meant he was watching his kids on the slopes. Which he assured me is still really enjoyable for him, but he agreed, he’d rather be out there with them. Hopefully he’s back out there for his 81st.

The siblings/spouses and some adult cousins who live in Utah joined together for one day on the slopes. Spring skiing is a gamble and the snow this year wasn’t great. But how good does the snow need to be when you’re with this crew?!

After a day on the slopes, even more family drove up for the evening and we gathered together for dinner (and March Madness of course) and a birthday party.

We were able to go around the room and share how we feel love by Papa. For me personally – he’s always our biggest cheerleader. If you have an idea, he thinks it’s superb and he cheers you on. He sits on the sidelines of our kids games and cheers them on too. He is excited about the things going on in our lives and he’s always been such an optimistic man. It was fun to listen to everyone share their thoughts, I caught myself nodding in agreement with so many that were shared. It was a beautiful celebration of 8 decades.

Here he is with 8 of his 9 children and his sweet wife.

80 looks good on him!