My niece got married during COVID. We were supposed to have a joyous wedding celebration in Hawaii and after that got cancelled they had a simple wedding ceremony among the red rocks of Lake Powell.

Almost a year and a half later – we finally had a reception to celebrate them. Although – it wasn’t your typical reception. After being married for so long, they felt silly even having a reception, so they didn’t. Instead, they threw an 80’s inspired party for family and a few friends and it fit them perfectly and all the family got into character.

And they had a non-traditional cake to go with their non-traditional party!

And a photo booth to capture all the glory of the 80s.

Hallie was all too comfortable with the 80s and had we had more time, her hair could have been a work of art. My sister-in-law had been collecting 80’s dresses for the event and she let Hallie wear this one for the night.

Hunter was unsure about 80’s attire. When we showed him the cutoff football jersey and short denim shorts, he quickly shot down the idea. Until we pulled up pictures of 80’s football players and they did indeed wear short denim shorts with cutoff shirts/jerseys. Hunter was a willing participant, but he questioned what in the world boys were thinking back then! I’m pretty sure I heard more than once, “That is way too much thigh!”

Bennett was the perfect Marty McFly – and the two younger boys were 80’s kids.

We danced the night away to every popular 80s song and our kids were impressed we knew every word. It was a very small intimate party and such a fun night – who knew receptions could be so fun!