Hallie was playing in a tennis match last week when in, what appeared to be, frustration she tossed her racket on the ground. This was totally out of character and I wondered what she was doing. And then she started shaking her hand and looked at me in disbelief. I met her at the fence where she showed me the stinger in her hand. She had been stung when pushing hair out of her face in between points. (Which is why she tossed her racket in surprise). There was no benadryl on site, but they had some cortizone cream. So she iced it for three minutes, put some cream on it and continued to play for another three hours. It hurt, it was tingling and starting to swell just a bit.

Two days later she woke up with sausage fingers! The sting was on the palm side joint of her ring finger and yet the back of her hand was so swollen.

We may need to do a little research and figure out if she has a bee allergy. Today, we’re on day three and it’s not much better. She’s hoping the swelling subsides soon because she’s got a heavy load of tennis matches this week and it’s hard to hold a racket when your hand is that swollen!