Speaking of birthdays…we celebrated another year older for Briggs this month as well. When your six-years-old, it’s still cool for your parents to bring lunch to you at school and then hang out with you during recess. Who knows how long that will last, so we’re soaking in those parenting moments.

We made sure to hit up Dutch Brothers for a birthday smoothie because my kids can’t imagine a birthday without doing so.

Six-year-olds are also the best to give gifts to because everything is awesome and exciting. And true to form, Bennett’s expressions always take the cake!

A fews days later Briggs had his first “friend” party. I’m realizing his birthday is going to fall near our spring break every year which means I’ve got to be on the ball and make sure it happens before spring break. In fact, two years ago when he turned four, he was supposed to have a friend birthday party. I thought it was no big deal to push it after spring break. Except for the fact that the world nearly stopped on its axis due to COVID and we didn’t spend time with anyone outside of our family for a long time after returning home. It was the birthday party that never came to be.

Briggs and Dr. Seuss share a birthday and I’m fully aware he’s going to outgrow a Seuss party so we capitalized on this year. We read a Dr. Seuss book together, we drew cat in the hat (thanks to Art Hub for Kids, we danced to some Dr Seuss youtube songs and played freeze dance. Kids this age are easily entertained and when the party is only an hour and a half, it doesn’t leave much time to get bored.

We sufficiently celebrated!