Bennett has been soaring through books as he has been prepping for his battle of the books competition. At the beginning of the year, I brought home My Life as a Potato (link) for him that had been recommended from a friend and it’s based in Idaho so I knew it was going to be great! 🙂

He took one look at the cover and said he didn’t want to read it. He is notorious for making a split minute decisions on books and this was no different. I pushed, he pulled back. It sat on the counter for two weeks. I picked it up several times and thumbed through it and knew if he would just start reading it, he would be hooked. So I pushed again, and he reluctantly complied.

Wouldn’t you know, he loved it! He breezed through it and upon finishing came to me embarrassed to admit just how much he loved it – its a comedy and unlike any book he’s read before. What’s not to love about a kid who is forced to be the school mascot – a giant spud!

We later learned that the woman who wrote it grew up just down the street from us which Bennett thought was just about the coolest thing about the whole book!

Bennett is my reader and can be a tough critic – but he gave this one a solid A!