We have a tradition of telling our kids their birth story the night before their birthday and Briggs was anxious for his turn tonight. We decided to pull up some pictures to show him what he looked like as a baby. As I was scrolling through hundreds of photos on my computer, with Briggs peeking over my right shoulder, I paused on this photo. The sound of disgust spilled out of his little mouth as he questioned why he looked like that. As I started to explain to him, I rotated my office chair to see his head cocked and he was just barely seeing the photo out of the corner of his eye. He was happy when we moved on to photos where he was less “Alien” looking. 🙂

There are so many things we love about this kid. He is the perfect caboose to our family.

He has the funniest vocabulary for a kid. He’s picking up words from Steve and my conversations. He’s listening to his siblings conversations. And he speaks matter-of-factly.

His best friends are twins in our neighborhood and he thinks it’s so unfair that they always get to sleep in the same room, but he doesn’t get to.

He loves sports – similar to Hunter at this age – but far more coordinated! He’s been on a tennis court and soccer field much younger than everyone else because he has to sit through all their games. As such, he’s playing with a ball more than anyone else has. He’s going to pass them all up.

Being the youngest, he thinks he’s older than he is and often complains of the injustice of having to go to bed earlier than some of the others in the family.

He reads and reads and reads. And even when I tell him its bed time and it’s time to turn lights out – he still reads.

We just switched up our bedroom situation and he’s sharing a room for the first time with Cannon. He thought he was pretty big when he graduated to the lego room.

He’s a little sassy and a little sweet and 6-years-old seems so much older than 5!