Cannon has had his fair share of sitting on the sidelines and being a spectator to his siblings – it was finally his turn to start playing sports. And when I asked what sport he wanted to try, there was no hesitation, he wanted to play soccer just like his older brothers. And lucky for him, it was a coed season so he could play with his best friend.

His very first game he scored a goal and he was on cloud 9 (partly because we told him before his first game that if he scored, we’d take everyone out for ice cream, including his friend’s family – and then he went and scored!)

He loved playing, he loved the attention and he loved the snacks after. But more than anything, he loved that his siblings came to watch him. And we made sure that every sibling sat on his sidelines at some point, just like he’s sat on theirs and he was beaming.

It doesn’t hurt to have your grandparents come support you too!

He’s already talking about his next soccer season!