Our hearts have been heavy this weekend since we learned of an accident in our neighborhood involving a friend of Hallie’s (her homecoming date and tennis partner) and a kid from our congregation (also in her homecoming group). Both are stable but still in critical condition – and lucky to be alive.

We have rallied as a neighborhood and church community around these two boys and their families and today we were able to fast and offer up prayers in their behalf. It is powerful to witness so many people coming together uniting in prayer.

One testimony that was particularly touching during our church services was a man who was late to the pulpit. Time had run out when he stood up, but he had something he wanted to share with the youth and I’m so glad he did. He recounted he was on the scene the night of the accident and followed the ambulance to the hospital with a couple others when they were unable to get a hold of one of the boys family members. They were able to administer a blessing at the hospital to the young man and waited there until family members were contacted and arrived. He went on to explain the father of the young man was on a backpacking trip with youth from our congregation and was out of cell service and unreachable. In order to reach him, neighbors/friends hiked 4 miles in to the campsite and delivered the news, only to have the dad have to hike out the 4 miles late in the night and then drive to the hospital.

The man was bearing testimony to the youth of our congregation’s love for each and every one of them. We (as a neighborhood and church family) would do anything to help at any given moment and it was evident this weekend. Whether the need is great or small, there is a legion of people ready and willing to lift.

I couldn’t help but appreciate his message, knowing my own kids have been helped and lifted in so many ways through the people in our community. It’s reassuring to know if my child had a need and I was unavailable, there would be a multitude of people they know and love stepping in and offering assistance. There is power in community.

These boys and their families have felt the love of their community this weekend. They have a long road of recovery ahead of them and we’ll be carrying every chance we get.