Anyone that knows me well, knows I wasn’t great at the baby stage. It was hard, and definitely not something I “soaked” up.

Even with other people’s babies – I wasn’t jumping at the chance to hold them.

And yet, with my youngest now 6-years-old, I’ve found myself walking the halls during second hour with a baby in my arms.

My friend had a baby a few months back and second hour of church is the the time I get to love on baby Sunny. Not because I love the baby stage, but I love my friend! And I remember those long church days walking the halls asking myself why I even came when I wasn’t get much out of it.

I had a blessed woman at church that took me under her wing and helped with my children every Sunday while Steve sat on the stand. And I can’t even describe my gratitude to her.

I finally feel as though I’m not drowning in little kids and I can send a lifeboat to a friend and say, I got you. You sit for a short period of time and enjoy the lesson and I’ll be on baby duty. And I don’t want to brag, but I get her to sleep every time.

The baby stage isn’t so bad when you don’t have to change diapers, aren’t sleep deprived and you’re only responsible for one hour a week!