Last week was a good week. In fact, it was better than good – bordering on the perfect week. We couldn’t have scripted a better week.

My dad made his annual trip down to help me knockout some projects and I made sure his visit coordinated with the kids activities so he could be on the sidelines with me. My dad loves soccer so it only made sense to bring him down when both Hunter and Bennett were playing in a tournament for the weekend.

It’s hard to have a perfect tournament weekend but when both boys win all three of their games and land in the championship – that’s a good soccer weekend. On top of that, Bennett scored 4 goals in one game – which has never happened. I think he’s at 5 goals the whole year and then almost doubles it in one day. He was determined to impress grandpa! Not only that but both Hunter’s and Bennett’s opponents agreed to play the championship outside of Sunday which was a win in and of itself!

Hallie challenged her team mate on the tennis team and walked away with a win which means she’s now playing a spot higher on the team. She was glowing. She was supposed to have two matches that week, but one was postponed, so I was happy my dad could at least see one day of tennis. And Hallie battled (even with a bee sting). And when we thought she had lost it, she dug deeper and pulled out a win after two tiebreakers. She had a whole crowd of people there cheering her on.

Bennett competed in his third and final round of Battle of the Books. It’s a cumulative score over three different days and I knew they were ahead going into this round but they had some tough questions and missed a few answers so we were all a little unsure as to who was going to come out on top. And then in the most anticlimactic announcement, they had team 4 stand (Bennett’s team) and announced them as a the champions by a very slim margin. He was elated. They will be moving on to the district competition so he’s back to reading all the books again.

Did I mention we also managed to make it to the imagine dragons concert that we gave some of the kids for Christmas? Which my dad was kind enough to stay back with the two youngest.

Last week will go down in history as the perfect week. We questioned whether we should let my dad go home because he was quite the lucky charm for us while he was here. 🙂