We are celebrating Bennett today!

Bennett has been full of life and smiles since the day he was born. In fact, he was just as animated as a baby as he is now. Full of personality!

Bennett is an old soul and wise beyond his years. He is a rule follower and loves enforcing the rules on everyone else – especially his siblings.

He loves to stay up-to-date on current events and he always surprises us with things he learned while reading the Wall Street Journal. He loves talking about what’s going on in the world.

He’s the cleanest of all our kids which is why he was given his own room before some of his brothers! (Remember, he’s a rule follower!)

He had so much energy as a kid, I worried what school would be like for him. But he’s managed his energy so well in class. I remember his first grade teacher telling me how he liked to stand while doing school work and she was totally supportive of that. He was also notorious for reading books while he walked around the house. As he’s gotten older, some of those habits have faded or he’s learned how to manage it differently.

He’s a social butterfly. He’s got a posse of friends in the neighborhood and they are thick as thieves.

He’s very responsible. He knows what time he needs to be home every evening from friends’ houses and he’s never late, not even a minute. If you tell him laundry needs to be done before he goes to bed – it will be done.

He loves all things sports. His preference in playing sports would be soccer. But he loves watching everything – ASU Football, Suns basketball, Green Bay or Cardinals football, professional soccer – he loves his sports.

He’s happy. He laughs. He’s persistent. His buttons are easily pushed (and his brother’s know it!). And he has high expectations for himself and everyone else. He doesn’t like when plans change but luckily he’s becoming more flexible the older he gets. He loves life. He loves his friends. And I can’t wait to see what he decides to tackle in life.

Happy birthday Mr. B!