Last week was the longest week ever! We had the slowest moving stomach bug for over a week. And just when we thought we were in the clear, Bennett knocked on my door at 6:30 Easter morning saying he didn’t feel well. I will spare all the details but it didn’t end pretty.

Easter was a little different. We could either leave Bennett home and the rest of the family could go enjoy a nice dinner with extended family, or we could stick it out as a family at home. We were concerned who might be the next one to catch the bug in our family and unknowingly pass it to someone at the family gathering. So against the vote of our children, we spent the afternoon at home as a family.

I had already made all the rolls for our large extended gathering and I just needed to pull them out of the freezer to rise. I made a call to my sister-in-law who was hosting later that afternoon and informed her we were out but the rolls would be in. In return we would swing by for some food and bring it home for our family. Side note: I pulled out the rolls to rise before church but I got stuck in a meeting after church and I came home to Hunter cooking batches of rolls! I asked him how he knew how long to cook them and he said he didn’t, he just kept looking at them to see when they were brown enough to pull them out. He did a beautiful job and they all got cooked in time!

So our little family spent the afternoon together. Bennett joined us for pictures and the egg hunt. And Hallie and Hunter must have hidden his eggs too hard because he gave up pretty quickly and said he would try again the next day (and he found them all today!) We typically do an egg hunt with cousins which is great, but our kids enjoyed the egg hunt we did during covid when every kid had a different color egg and they had a certain number to find. With only 13 eggs a piece, this activity lasted far longer than expected (almost an hour!)

Knowing we were missing dinner with family, our friends dropped off an Easter cookie decorating kit which kept their interest for quite a while. Such a thoughtful gift.

Briggs insisted we recreate the time “when he almost died” in his Easter basket. (He made the same request last year) One of these days, his little bum isn’t going to fit in that bucket but we’ll recreate it until that happens!

Hallie is my picture girl! The boys tend to scatter, but she’ll always humor me and let me take as many pictures as I want. She is a real gem.

It was a special day. We would have loved to have been with extended family, but these family members are the most important people in my life and it was a beautiful day to spend just our little family. We had some beautiful discussions we won’t soon forget.