Hunter plays club soccer year-round so it’s weird to even say “end of season” but we’ve reached the end of the season! We finished up a tournament this weekend and with that, the season is officially over…until tryouts in one week!

These kids end up spending a lot of time together – it’s a good thing they’ve grown to love each other. Each year the team looks a little different as kids come and go and every year its a learning curve to learn how to work together. But he’s made some great friends and he loves where he’s at.

I love where he’s at. Any competitive sport is time consuming and soccer is no different. He spends three weeknights at practice and has games on the weekend. Steve and I have both questioned at different times whether this is worth it. It takes so much out of us and him. And for many it may not be worth it, but for him, the answer is yes.

I like that he’s a busy teenager. Between studies and sports, he doesn’t have a lot of idle time – which I’m a huge fan of. He’s had to prioritize and really manage his time during the week. He’s had to tell friends he’s not available on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon to hang out – which is always tough. He’s had to sacrifice activities and events that he wanted to participate in. And in his free time he’s worked really hard to better his skills and be the best player he can be.

And I think that’s been good for him – he has greatly benefited in all aspects of his life to being dedicated to the sport.

And this year he saw more growth in his ability than ever before. It’s been fun to watch him and if I’m being honest, I always get a little sad when the games end for the season. I love spending Saturdays at the fields.

Until next season…