Bennett had a tournament game last Friday night. It was a late game with a delayed start and I watched the boys warm-up at what is typically their bedtime.

As I scanned the field, I saw someone who looked familiar so I smiled and tried to figure out how I knew her. As she walked directly to me, I could tell she recognized me and as soon as I saw the lady walking behind her, I finally placed her: Bennett’s English and Spanish teachers. I see them at school frequently, but I haven’t ever seen them outside the context of school. Why do teachers look different outside their classrooms?!?

These boys are all in class together and they had told their teachers about their tournament and wouldn’t you know it – they showed up on a Friday night and cheered on their students. As I sat next to them, I was still amazed they had made the effort. They lived no where near the tournament location and it was a Friday night after all – what teacher wants to spend their free time with their students? 🙂 Evidently, these two do. They cheer them on in and out of school and my love for them multiplied that night.

The boys were beaming and played harder than they’ve ever played. I still remember one of my teachers coming to my soccer game when I was in the 7th grade – it was a big deal. And now that I’m a parent – it’s an even bigger deal.

I’m grateful for good and loving teachers!