We all know that styles are cyclical and right now, stepping onto a high school campus is a complete flashback to my high school days. The Dr. Martens, high wasted, wide leg cargo pants with the crop tops. These kids think they are so original and claiming this to be “their” style…until I pull out my OG Dr. Martens in pristine condition. And of course they’re going to look back in 10 years and laugh at their style because we did the same thing 10 years after it was in style the last go around. (I informed Hallie the worst part about high waisted jeans is that it is followed by low wasted jeans which is miserable for everyone!)

I’ve heard so many jokes and seen so many memes about today’s high school fashion, but this girl nailed it on the head. They may mimic our style – but they’ll never taste the freedom we had! 🙂