Hunter wanted to go to the high school and practice his midfield crosses and corner kicks. I was up for his suggestion so we gathered a few balls and made our way to the school. I grew up playing soccer and I always enjoy kicking the ball with my kids. However, I underestimated how long Hunter would be willing to practice and I didn’t wear the best shoes to be shagging all his balls. After almost an hour and a half, I called it because we needed to get home for a commitment.

The next day, my ankle was tender to touch. We had kicked a lot of balls, but I didn’t remember hurting my ankle. The next day, I saw the large bruise forming on my ankle. Am I really that old, that I bruise when kicking a soccer ball with my son?

Watch out – I’m going to be the mom out on the field with shinguards (ankle guards included) kicking the ball with my son. Although, I have a feeling – the minute I do that, Hunter’s not going to want to go out to school to practice with me! 🙂

I’ll just endure the ankle pain and hopefully build up a tolerance!