I remember my first concert. I was working in Zion National Park and there was a group of girls heading up to Salt Lake to attend a concert and then planned to drive through the night to return back to work the next morning. (We were young and were able to function on little sleep.)

We saw Counting Crows, who opened for Maroon 5, who opened for John Mayer – the headliner. It was a concert I will never forget – amazing on every level. You never forget your first concert!

Hallie and Hunter have already been to a concert, but we just took Bennett to his first concert, and I don’t think he’ll forget it. (A Christmas gift they were finally able to cash in on).

Imagine Dragons put on quite the show and Bennett had prepped for this concert by listening to their album over and over and over again. He knew every word and he sang loudly for all to hear. He wasn’t the only one singing – their songs are too catchy not to sing along and I think everyone was singing. They played songs from their new album, but they played all their old hits as well. And as much as I love their new stuff – their old stuff hits deep – and takes me back.

It was fun to feel the electricity in that arena when they would strike a single chord and you knew exactly what song was coming next. Of course it was made even more fun by going with friends.

I can’t think of another concert that everyone in our family would enjoy more than Imagine Dragons – we chose well for Bennett’s first concert.