One evening last week, Hallie was wasting time before bed and I was reading her Jimmy Fallon #MyFamilyIsWeird posts. We came across this one that had me giggling:

The very next morning, Steve made pancakes for breakfast. After the kids had left for school, we were cleaning up when he almost threw the stack of leftover pancakes away. I told him we needed to save them so we could throw one in Hallie’s tennis bag. He was confused until I shared the #MyFamilyIsWeird post. For one reason or other, the stack of pancakes stayed on the counter and I forgot to hide one for her and eventually they were all thrown away.

But Steve made pancakes again this morning. Luckily, I have a husband that appreciates humor and he showed me a text he got from Hallie today. 🙂 (that is not a moldy pancake – it just has chocolate chips because that’s the kind of dad they have!)

Hallie was totally confused by the pancake and had forgotten about the post we had read together (just goes to show she was too tired to appreciate something good and should have been in bed instead of wasting time!)

But something tells me that is not the last time someone will be pancaked in our home. Hallie found the pancake relatively quickly, others may not be so lucky. 😉