This last year, we had Steve’s brother for Christmas and since they live far away, we opted to gift them an experience. Our original idea, was to give them tickets to the traveling “Van Gogh Experience”. As that idea evolved, we decided to bring his brother into the conversation and they suggested it be an experience with us when they came into this spring. We gave them a list of experience options we could do together and they chose an escape room.

Here’s a little tidbit about me – I love escape rooms. I love puzzles. I love solving problems. I love the pressure of needing to get out on time. If I’m doing an escape room, I can’t think of a better couple to join us than Bob and Virginia. They are analytical, they solve problems, they think outside of the box – we knew we’d be a power team.

There are a hundred escape room options out there, but we went up to Scottsdale to support our friends who opened an escape room called The Nemesis Club. They went above and beyond when creating this experience and I promise you, it won’t disappoint. Most escape rooms are lower budget – but not this one – they have given every attention to detail and it was interactive and responsive beyond our expectations.

They informed us after we completed it that even the duration of the game depends on you. It’s like those old car racing games that if you complete a section in a certain time then it extends your time and you can keep going – this room is similar. It has responsive components that if you’re cruising through it, there’s an extension at the end where you compete a little longer.

Steve and I saw this room when it was in the building stage and neither one of us knew what to expect when trying to escape.

Bob was our fearless leader and kept us moving and cataloging things we found in the room. We were an exceptionally good team which I had a feeling would be the case – If we’re solving problems, I want them on my team!

They asked us in the beginning how much help we wanted to make sure we escaped – we said 3 out of 10. We wanted minimum help but there were a few times we were grateful for the overhead voice that said, “I would look at that again.”

They have another room currently operating and another under construction so we’re going to need to go back and try out the other escape rooms. It’s just unfortunate we don’t give to Bob for Christmas for another 8 years. 🙂