We have survived another great school year. And everyone is looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow – me included!

We had our annual neighborhood water balloon fight where everyone shows up to take aim at the kids. We arrange with the school to have everyone on the bus dropped off at our house and we patiently (or not so patiently) wait for kids to slowly file off the bus before dousing them with water balloons.

Before the kids showed up, the parents were filling balloons together and we all marveled at the bunch-o-balloons (aff.) invention that fills up 30 balloons in no time. Filling up balloons as a kid was such a chore which meant you filled 10 balloons and then your fingers were sore – and you had a really short water balloon fight. Instead, we filled up thousands and thousands of balloons. They were placed throughout our yard in kiddie pools, home depot buckets, coolers, rubbermaid totes, garbage cans…if it could hold water, it was holding balloons – and the neighborhood parents showed up.

And then we spent a good amount of time picking up small pieces of thousands of balloons in our yard before we handed out popsicles. Its a good motivating system that has worked for so many years. 🙂

Hello summer!