School is out this week which means everything is winding down – so this is the week of wrap ups! We’ve already wrapped up Hunter’s soccer season – it’s time to wrap up Bennett’s season.

Bennett has a passion for soccer. His heart far outpaces his skill and because of that we saw such an improvement in him this year, when you have heart, you’re willing to work twice as hard. (I wish all my kids had the heart he does!)

He loves soccer. He plays at recess. He plays with friends in the retention basin. He shoots goals in the backyard. He plays on a team with several friends and they carpool together twice a week – this is the highlight of his week. Soccer and friends – he’s living his best life.

I haven’t asked him, but I’m pretty sure his favorite moment of the year was a tournament game that my dad (a lover of soccer) happened to be in attendance at. Bennett was over the moon when he scored a goal. He was fist pumping and running down the field. He doesn’t score very often, so it was reason to celebrate, especially with my dad watching. And then he scored another. And another. And another. And after four goals, they moved him to defense.

He was on cloud 9 – I’ve never seen him play so well and I’ve never seen him so jazzed! My dad was clearly the lucky charm and I’m sure Bennett wanted to impress him. It was good soccer day. As a competitive sport, soccer is played year-round and is pretty time-consuming. So I questioned whether Bennett wanted to try something else next year – he was disgusted I would even suggest such a thing. I love his passion and I love his improvement.

So he’s signed back up for next year and lucky for us, so are his friends.